We are scientists. Some of us are specialized and have many years of experience in football and some in other fields. Above all else, we are a team of people who love football and enjoy watching the sport develop along with new players.

After many months of research into bibliography, protocols and evaluation methods used by major football teams, we discovered that these evaluation methods vary from team to team. Most importantly: There was no integrated and reliable evaluation protocol which could produce accurate and comparative results for athletes under the age of 18, regardless of their location and country. Our response was www.athlometrix.gr!


We want to establish the Athlometrix platform as the most reliable skill rating protocol and the most advanced progress and development tool for young footballers and to create a model global online football community, which will act as a communication channel between players, parents, coaches, academies, scouts and clubs.


We want young footballers all over the world to have the same evaluation, development and promotion opportunities.
Through the www.athlometrix.gr website children will have the opportunity to discover their skills, develop their talents and –through completely transparent and reliable processes – conquer their dreams!


We were once children with a passion for football. As we grew up, some of us became athletes, some became coaches, and most of us became parents. Parents of children with a similar passion for the “round goddess”! Above all else, however, we were and will continue to be sports fans. With our love for the sport as our guide, we discovered that there was a large gap in children’s and youth football.

There are children with the attributes (both physical and regarding technique and personality) who do not have the chance to highlight them. This is either because their environment is not conducive or because they never had the opportunity to objectively evaluate their potential.

On the other side there are teams that need a network to be organised which will provide the opportunity to collect data on fledgling professional footballers – athletes from all over the world, in a credible way and according to scientific criteria. Thus, they will be able to identify the talents they are searching for, based on valid and reliable data, avoiding pointless and time consuming travel.

So we decided – in cooperation with specialists from sports and medicine – to create a sports ability analysis protocol for young children, as regards four basic areas: Technique, Intelligence, Personality, and Speed, with 95 characteristics. Athlometrix has become a reality! Parents can now discover their child’s characteristics in a certified way, not arbitrarily, coaches gain an important tool in monitoring their players’ development, and teams can find future footballers. And we did not stop there… We provided everyone with the opportunity to constantly stay up to date and communicate, by making them members of a global online football team, with the same opportunities to develop and, most importantly, promote themselves.